Friday, September 14, 2012

A Witness of US Ambassadors Murder Affair-- Cynthia McKinney: More Libya Media Lies

From Cynthia McKinney: More Libya Media Lies

-- Subject: From Cynthia McKinney: More Libya Media Lies

From Cynthia McKinney's network of principled journalists,  what is happening in the northern tier of the African continent and the southern end (as exemplified by the continued resistance in Libya and the growing workers' struggle against the neo-colonialist regime in occupied Azania(South Africa) ) is indicative of the growth of consciousness.

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Lizzie was one of the last independent journalists to leave Libya.  For those of us who know where to go to get unfiltered Libya news, I saw images of what appeared to be a US soldier disrobed and passed in the street from person to person in the crowd.  Now, this picture of the Ambassador emerges.  Lizzie believes that the image of a White man being disrobed and dragged along a Libyan street is too much for the White world to bear--shades of Somalia all over again.  Look at the photo of the Ambassador that Lizzie found and read her comments below:

LIZZIE PHELAN Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pictures of US Ambassador conflict with claims he was killed in rocket attack
So  it looks like US ambassador wasn't killed in a rocket attack as the western media/authorities are so desperately trying to have us believe, and more like he was dragged through the streets and tortured. They don't mind when its Gaddafi or one of you brown people, but no not one of us.


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