Monday, September 10, 2012

NATO Troops Block Roads From Northern Kosovo To Serbia

NATO Troops Block Roads From Northern Kosovo To Serbia

 Tanjug News Agency
 September 10, 2012

 KFOR blocks alternative roads in northern Kosovo

 LEPOSAVIĆ: A member of the municipal council in Leposavić says that KFOR blocked all alternative routes in the municipalities of Leposavić and Zubin Potok.

 The roads lead from the north of the province towards central Serbia.

 In a statement to Tanjug, Zoran Milojević said that KFOR blocked the roads Poštenje-Tresava-Raška and Jarinje-Vučija Rupa-Rudnica.

 Milojević added that the international troops had also blocked alternative routes that connect the municipality of Zubin Potok with central Serbia.

 On Sunday, the KFOR troops blocked the road between Poštenje and Košutica in the municipality of Leposavić, thus starting the blockade of alternative routes that Serbs from the north of the province are using, he noted.

 “All alternative routes have been completely closed off. We do not know why. Thus, the freedom of movement is limited; in fact, nonexistent. Presidents of the north Kosovo municipalities will hold a joint meeting on Monday to discuss the issue," Milojević said.

 Serbs can go from the north of Kosovo to central Serbia, and vice versa, only across two official administrative crossings in northern Kosovo - Jarinje and Brnjak.

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