Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Demon of Radical Islam and Reagan 

By arming Islamist forces during the so-called Afghan jihad (1979-1989), he created a monster far more vicious than the so-called Evil Soviet Empire. No doubt, the Americans succeeded in bringing down their perceived enemy number one without firing a single bullet and without a single American life being lost. However, it has been replaced by a faceless but ubiquitous enemy that adheres to no reason, is contemptuous of international norms and law, and thus not amenable to rational calculations that nation-states are compelled to consider when they deal with each other.

Global jihad does not have access to nuclear weapons yet but it is steeped in a culture of violence and terrorism that has generated so much fanaticism and extremism that for a long time would threaten world peace and could even jeopardise it any time with rash behaviour. If ever such an evil force does get hold of nuclear or chemical weapons, the consequences can be irreparably devastating.

Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed

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