Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trial of Bush and Blair

Trial of Bush and Blair

Agha H Amin

There is a difference between ideal and reality . The ideal is somewhere in the clouds , visible but unreachable , being millions of mile away.

History is not about morality but power and the immunity that comes with power. The only precedent where war criminals were tried successfully , and by this I mean war criminals from a great power was at Nuremburg and Tokyo .And these trials were also mockeries of justice.

Jodl was executed unfairly and later the allies actually apologised to her widow.Great Japanese military commander  Yamamoto was excecuted because of Mac Arthurs personal venom.Research by American scholars indicates that Yamamotos trial was doctored and manipulated.

How can Bush be tried or for that matter Tony Blair ? The very idea even if ethical is not in consonance with harsh ground realities of history where morality has no value and all is decided by who wields the power.

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