Saturday, September 8, 2012

What could be the US Strategy in Afghanistan-2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

What could be the US Strategy in Afghanistan-2012

What should be the US Strategy in Afghanistan

Agha H Amin

(   Detailed possibilities discussed in the analysis on the link following --   )

1-Retain bases in the north and preside over a partition that will create a Northern state and a Talibanistan in the south.

2-Complete witdrawal in 2014 and let the country slide into a new civil war.

3-Expand the front into Iran , fix Iran and then withdraw retaining major bases in north and west.

08 January, 2012

US Attack on Iran-Agha H Amin

A US Attack on Iran

Agha H Amin

January 2012

The Americans relying on Herat , Shindand and Farah bases launch main attack from North Eastern approach.
These are preceeded by diversionary attacks on Chah Bahar,Bandar Abbas , Bandar Khomeini,Jask and a major land attack in Tabriz by Kurd forces from Iraq with US air power and artillery support.
Simultaneously Baloch forces in Iran launch attacks on Chah Bahar and on Zahidan and on Zahidan Chah Bahar highway.
Baloch forces from Iran enter Pakistani Balochistan and capture Panjgur and Turbat.
The US requests Pakistan for use of Gwadar port and unilaterally lands its forces and captures Gwadar.
Main attack proceeds from northeast and Tehran and Qum are surrounded.
Kurd forces link up with US forces advancing from Tabriz.
Iran capitulates.
Independent Kurd and Baloch states are created within Iran and a transition government is set up from Iranianan exiles.
The new Baloch state stretching from Sarakh in the north to Jask in the south completely separates Iran from Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Foundation of an independent Baloch state in Pakistan is also laid in Panjgur and Makran regions.
The US thus neutralises Iran and also creates a cordon sanitaire for the Turkmenistan pipeline down to Chah Bahar.In one stroke the need to negotiate with Taliban and Pakistan or Iran for a pipeline from CARs to the Arabian sea is disposed off.


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