Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When the next war breaks out it will not be for logical reasons but because human nature is irrational.

When the next war breaks out it will not be for logical reasons but because human nature is irrational.

Agha .H.Amin

Men have repeatedly gone to war for irrational reasons.This includes First World War,Iraq War of 2003 and now the Syrian War.

At a personal level I saw Iraq closely from 1981 as we had a family interest in Iraq and many of my friends served in Iraq.What happened in Iraq from 1980 to 2003 was not logical but it was the reality.The US attack on Iraq may not be morally right but many individuals made big benefits out of it.

Similarly Afghan war is not about Islam but materialism also and by that I maintain , for both sides.Some one is making big money and if most are suffering , this does not affect maiden history.

When the US opens a new front in Asia it may not sound or seem logical but all the same it will happen.

The hierarchy in states consists of MORALLY DUMB BUT OTHERWISE CRAFTY people.

They see in war some personal benefit like a company winning contract or simply blood lust.

When we say this may happen or that may happen , it is not that we want it to happen that way , but we are merely pointing out what may happen based on our knowledge of what has happened in the past.

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  1. Wars are fought with the rational aspect of decision making tuned to the particulars of the group survval culture : dinner and a date resuling in grandchildren for the primary group.

    This feed and bredd algorithm is fundamental to breed or die off. Subsets of any given species are grouped around a "gene cloud" that is mathematically predictable.

    There are two basic types of conflict: for dinner and for rhe date. The first is the miost vicious and often between dinner and diner. The second is more for show to gain access to members of the opposite sex.

    The Roles found in conflict are variants of mother, father, child with the nurturing and preotection of he young a primary priority. Some species thd male is just a stud, with the hard lifting done by the girls.

    The typcical conflict paires proector-nurtuers against each other wiht the young helpless the dinner or the diner. This is the Hero vs Villain pairing Hero, Heroine, Helpless against the Vicious, Vindictive and Voracious.

    Sets of rules for Social Status and physiclity govern how the competiton within a species si governed;

    Spcial StatusL Fact, Fate, Fame, Fortune
    Physical{ Time, Distance Ground, Body

    Analysis of war starting is to examine the structure of rules vis a vis the role players to see what "game" is being played. Game as in Games people play by Eric Biuren or the Drama Triangle by Stepehn Karpman.