Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Great and Mysterious French Strategic Failure -Agha H Amin

A Great and Mysterious French Strategic Failure

Agha H Amin

The army of Hyder Ali of Mysore came very close to destroying the British army of English East India Company at Cuddalore from 8th to 13 February 1781.

Sir J.W Fortescue the British Armys official historian described the situation as following  " Every road to southward was beset by Hyders detachments , and not a grain of rice was to be procured.Unless the French squadron (blockading the Army of the English East India Company under Eyre Coote in the Bay of Bengal could by a miracle be removed, and the sea thrown open
for transport of supplies,Coote and the whole of his army were doomed men.For five days he remained in suspense , when to his unspeakable relief he saw the French Squadron sail away to eastward , removed in the nick of time by the miraculous folly of its commander.Thus by happy fortune the British Army and the British Empire were saved".

Admiral Mahan the famous naval historian discussed this battle in detail.No one to this day exactly knows why Admiral D orves withdrew .

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