Sunday, October 28, 2012



 - open your eyes - our invasion of Libya just like in Iraq kicked out a strong man without having any idea of the consequences - ethnic and sectarian divisions taking over, resulting in chaos that in the case of Libya has spread into Mali and surrounding areas.  A blind man could have seen this.  You are so entrenched in the System - you are BLIND otherwise you wouldn't send me this crap!
I remember Tim Carney - last U.S. Ambassador to Sudan coming on TV saying the U.S. had no plan for after the Iraq invasion - well I would say Libya and Afghanistan are/will end up in a similar situation - chaos!  Libya was no "Arab Spring" but contrived  by the French & Americans just like Iraq - WMDs. It would never have happened without French air support.  It had to do like Ivory Coast with oil contracts to China - so get rid of the leader quick quick - put in our puppet and hope and pray for stability - guaranteeing a failure!
The death of the Ambassador and the 2 security personnel is certainly tragedy - but is only symptomatic of the chaos we helped create and the many innocents dying from our manipulations. The Ambassador knew what he was getting into and was part of a very corrupt failing System of wannabe Empire.  can't say I feel too sorry for him or the 2 mercenaries that tried to save him!
Obama. Bush 2, Clinton, etc. our so-called leaders are just figure heads - the real rulers behind the Throne - being Wall Street, the Corporates, Militray Industrial Comples, etc.  You don't want to admit this - living in a mythical world.
It's like blaming Obama for the economic problem that began back in the Reagan era with the Milton Friedman Chicago School of FREE MARKET ECONOMICS - that made China, sending all of our jobs overseas, turning America into a consumer society that was not sustainable - and now we see it coming to a head with the elimination of the middleclass. Then Clinton signed away the Glass-Steagall Act that allowed the Wall Street robbers to steal what little wealth we had, contributing to the demise of our economy (SEE:Repeal of Glass-Steagall Caused the Financial Crisis  Plenty of blame to go around - Democrats & Republicans - all bought by special interest groups!
You NEOCONs are among the most destructive ideologies the world has ever seen! Like I sent you - Pat Buchanan - "They are Over Here Because We are Over There" - you invade, occupy (can be done physically, and/or indirectly - economically (loans from WB, USAID, other donors - much of it cycling back to the donor country with virtually no economic development) and/or by putting in one of our puppet rulers!
Enjoy the Philippines & Thailand - might be a good place to retreat after your ideology destroys the land of your birth along with much of the Developing World - only problem is your triple dipping retirement may disappear - better look at getting a job washing dishes over there!

P.S. Meanwhile we prepare - pray  - for Hurricane Sandy to do minimum damage!

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