Saturday, October 13, 2012


  1. In the Middle East, our biggest ally - cheap oil - Saudi Arabia practices the most radical form of Islam in the World - Wahhabism - women can't drive and can't vote - ask O__________ why USAID is not inundating them with Women in Development (WID) programs & insisting on Democracy. Why isn't Billary at the State Dept. making speeches about them?
  2. Democracy where it suits us and despots/dictators where it helps us maintain control! Hypocrisy in the highest degree
  3. We have allowed the Saudis to export this radical form of Islam this all over the world
  4. We, along with the Saudis, created the Taliban/Mujahedeen - your reap what you sow
  5. The Taliban is a nationalist movement - Pashtun - where have they attacked us or anyone else other than the occupiers of their lands
  6. What are the end goals of our involvement in these countries - Democracy - think not, and where has it worked imposing it on other cultures?
  7. Most of these countries are less stable after our involvement
  8. We did not need 100,000 troops to go after about 300 al Qaeda - I'd say bin Laden won - helping bankrupt us and destroying the lives of many of our young people sent over there - suicide a month this year and how many maimed mentally and physically forever?
  9. Many innocents have died - for what - how long will be we in these countries - talk to the Brits, the Russians what did they accomplish in Afghanistan - we will leave and these countries will go back to what they were with their own cultures and their own ways
  10. Besides, who would want to be like us with high divorce rates, millions killed each year by abortions, women that curse like truck drivers, high use of addicting drugs, queers the new norm!
  11. As one of your favorite people to reference, Pat Buchanan says "They are over here because we are over there" so if we keep killing them then "Badal"/Revenge they will try and kill us and if necessary "come over here".
W_______    - give me a f---ing break - it is about controlling access to natural resources - plain and simple - War on terror, War on Drugs, War on Communism/Evil Empire - do you believe all that crap!  The citizens of these countries and your young soldiers are considered expendable commodities. It's good business for the Boys, while our young soldiers are cannon fodder for the politicians and corporates to open the door for them. 
Hey - you are being invaded by Africa, Middle East & South Asia and we by Latin America (having propped up dictators, organized coup d'├ętats,supported death squads, dumped food, etc.) - ask yourself why - these countries and their citizens have been held back by our manipulation of their economies and politics so we can monopolize access to their natural and control their votes in the UN - so the young are going to the "Promised Lands" just like you left a devastated Germany for South Africa - in hopes of a better future, and we would all do the same if in their shoes!
What is going on is not sustainable - the Developing World is beginning to revolt - Arab Springs and we (Europe, America, South Africa) are being invaded!
We are being dumbed down and turned into Sheepal - just what the ruling elite want!  Follow the leaders right over the cliff!


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