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CIA chiefs face arrest over horrific evidence of bloody 'video-game' sorties by drone pilots


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21 Oct 2012
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CIA chiefs face arrest over horrific evidence of bloody 'video-game' sorties by drone pilots 20 Oct 2012 The Mail on Sunday today reveals shocking new evidence of the full horrific impact of US drone attacks in Pakistan. A damning dossier assembled from exhaustive research into the strikes' targets sets out in heartbreaking detail the deaths of teachers, students and Pakistani policemen. It also describes how bereaved relatives are forced to gather their loved ones' dismembered body parts in the aftermath of strikes. Filed in two separate court cases, it is set to trigger a formal murder investigation by police into the roles of two US officials said to have ordered the strikes. They are Jonathan Banks, former head of the Central Intelligence Agency's Islamabad station, and John A. Rizzo, the CIA's former chief lawyer.

Obama prepares protracted Afghanistan occupation 20 Oct 2012 With the US presidential election little more than two weeks away, the Obama administration is quietly preparing to keep tens of thousands of troops in Afghanistan. These preparations, little noted in the corporate media, are unfolding even as Obama and his running mate, Vice President Joseph Biden, tell voters that the 11-year-old war is to end in 2014. [There's your lesser evil for you. -- MDR]

No habeas corpus for non-Afghans in American courts: US judge 20 Oct 2012 A US federal judge says non-Afghan prisoners held by the US military in Afghanistan cannot challenge their imprisonment and seek freedom in American courts. On Friday, US District Judge John Bates rejected arguments by lawyers for so-called third-country detainees at the Bagram Air Base, located 11 kilometers (7 miles) southeast of the city of Charikar in Afghanistan's Parwan province, that new circumstances and evidence allowed them to pursue habeas corpus petitions in American courts.

Israeli naval vessels take control of Gaza boat 20 Oct 2012 Israeli troops on Saturday commandeered a Gaza-bound ship that tried to break through Israel's blockade of the Hamas-ruled seaside strip, the military said. European lawmakers and other pro-Palestinian activists aboard did not resist, and the Finnish-flagged vessel was diverted to an Israeli port. The trip by the ship, Estelle, marked the latest challenge to the air, land and sea embargo of Gaza that Israel imposed after the militant Hamas group seized the territory in 2007.

U.S. Officials Say Iran Has Agreed to Nuclear Talks 21 Oct 2012 The United States and Iran have agreed for the first time to one-on-one negotiations over Iran's [alleged] nuclear program, according to Obama administration officials, setting the stage for what could be a last-ditch diplomatic effort to avert a military strike on Iran. Iranian officials have insisted that the talks wait until after the presidential election, a senior administration official said, telling their American counterparts that they want to know with whom they would be negotiating. 

12 killed, 50 wounded in separate attacks in Iraq 20 Oct 2012 At least twelve people have been killed and 50 others have been injured in separate bombings and shooting incidents across Iraq. An Interior Ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said eight people were killed and 49 others wounded when twin bombs went off in quick succession in the Baab al-Darwazah market area in Baghdad's northern neighborhood of Kadhimiyah on Saturday, AFP reported. Police said most of the victims were women and children.

US to Turn Over Emails in Manning Case 18 Oct 2012 A U.S. judge ordered prosecutors Wednesday to hand over hundreds of emails by officers overseeing the detention of WikiLeaks suspect Pvt. Bradley Manning, who has alleged he suffered mistreatment at a Marine Corps brig. Lawyers for Manning, a U.S. Army private accused of passing a trove of secret government documents to the WikiLeaks website, had asked for the emails to bolster their argument that the soldier suffered illegal treatment when he was held at the Quantico Marine base in Virginia starting in 2010. At a pre-trial hearing at Fort Meade, Md., Judge Denise Lind said more than 600 emails withheld by prosecutors should be handed over to the defense.

No-Fly List Strands Man on Island in Hawaii 20 Oct 2012 Hawaii is a paradise for most visitors. But it was Wade Hicks Jr.'s prison for five days. The 34-year-old from Gulfport, Miss., was stranded in the islands this week after being told he was on the FBI's no-fly list during a layover for a military flight from California to Japan. The episode left Hicks scrambling to figure out how he'd get home from Hawaii without being able to fly. Then he was abruptly removed from the list on Thursday with no explanation.

U.S. dumps deadly vaccines on public while prepping for their next pandemic-for-profit: Flu vaccine clinics provide emergency training 20 Oct 2012 San Joaquin Public Health officials staged a mass vaccination exercise as part of their emergency response training in the event of a biological threat or epidemic. By offering free seasonal influenza shots, health officials were able to attract close to 400 members of the general public to two staging areas Friday morning. "We would use a mass vaccination clinic in case there was a vaccine that needed to get out to the community very quickly. Using point of dispensing is more appropriate to an anthrax attack for a defined portion of the community, where you need to get it out quickly - also antivirals and antibiotics that you need to get out in a hurry that the private sector is not prepared to handle," said emergency preparedness coordinator Roberto Alaniz, who is also senior deputy director of San Joaquin County Public Health Services.

Utah Newspaper Endorsement Slams Mitt Romney 19 Oct 2012 In a blow to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Utah's largest newspaper today slammed his candidacy and endorsed President Obama instead. Despite being credited for saving the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and making Utah his home at one time, the Salt Lake City Tribune said that the state's "favorite adopted son," Romney, has become "the party's shape-shifting nominee." "In considering which candidate to endorse, the Salt Lake Tribune editorial board had hoped that Romney would exhibit the same talents for organization, pragmatic problem-solving and inspired leadership that he displayed here more than a decade ago," the editorial board wrote. "Instead, we have watched him morph into a friend of the far right, then tack toward the center with breathtaking aplomb." [So a right-wing paper slams Romney and endorses Obama. That should tell you as much about Obama as it does about Romney. -- MDR]

Tribune endorsement: Too Many Mitts --Obama has earned another term (The Salt Lake Tribune) 19 Oct 2012 Sadly, it is not the only [Mitt] Romney, as his campaign for the White House has made abundantly clear, first in his servile courtship of the tea party in order to win the nomination, and now as the party's shape-shifting nominee. From his embrace of the party's radical right wing, to subsequent portrayals of himself as a moderate champion of the middle class, Romney has raised the most frequently asked question of the campaign: "Who is this guy, really, and what in the world does he truly believe?" The evidence suggests no clear answer, or at least one that would survive Romney's next speech or sound bite. Politicians routinely tailor their words to suit an audience. Romney, though, is shameless, lavishing vastly diverse audiences with words, any words, they would trade their votes to hear. [Yes, Obama has served the corporate, military and imperialist ruling elite well. He has earned another term serving them. -- MDR.]

Language warning: Scott Brown Supporter From Ad Calls Elizabeth Warren 'D*****bag,' Obama a 'Muslim' On Facebook 19 Oct 2012 Scott Brown recently got in hot water for falsely claiming that his Senate race opponent, Elizabeth Warren, was using paid actors in her commercials... In a television advertisement running as recently this week, Sen. Scott Brown's (R-Mass.) reelection campaign featured a union construction worker whose publicly accessible Facebook page is riddled with insults against Brown's Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren and President Barack Obama. On one post made in August, well before Brown's ad appeared, the worker, George Patriarca, calls Warren a "DOUCHEBAG." On another he labels the president a "faggot," and on a third he says, "there is a Muslim in the White House."

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