Thursday, October 25, 2012

November issue Atlantic Magazine

This will be of interest, as will his forthcoming book.
We give respect automatically to the senior leadership.  COL MacFarland, BDE Commander at Ramadi noted that it was the junior officers and NCOs' competence in tactical operations covered for the strategic failings of senior leaders. 
Note chapter beginning with the word, "Bizarrely" towards the end of the article.

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Subject: In the November issue: Our annual Brave Thinkers list, an interview with Mike Bloomberg, the history of jazz, and more

Our annual Brave Thinkers list, an interview with Mike Bloomberg, the strangest potential threat to the president, the Army's culture of mediocrity, Benjamin Schwarz on the end of jazz, and more
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This Month in The Atlantic
Brave Thinkers 2012
Our annual guide to the people risking everything in pursuit of big ideas
Video: From Cory Booker's fire rescue to Lena Dunham's nude scenes, moments of courage from our Brave Thinkers
The Bloomberg Way
The mayor of New York on his soda ban, why he doesn't worry about approval ratings, governing in the age of Twitter, and the dumbed-down media
James Bennet
Gallery: A look back at some of Bloomberg's most audacious mayoral moments
A Brief History of Brave Thinking
Radical ideas from our archives, featuring Ralph Waldo Emerson, Virginia Woolf, and more
Hacking the President's DNA
Exponential advances in synthetic biology pose a serious new national-security threat. Here's a radical proposal for how to combat it.
Andrew Hessel, Marc Goodman and Steven Kotler
General Failure
How a culture of mediocrity has taken hold within the Army's leadership ranks--and why America's military future depends on uprooting it.
Thomas E. Ricks
The irony of getting away with something was that you were your own executioner. In a pang of remorse, you could open your mouth and change your life.
Edward J. Delaney
My Conversion Will Not Be Televised
How I ended up on TV debating Salafism with an Egyptian cleric
Graeme Wood
Video: Highlights from the author's appearance on Egyptian TV
The Deer Paradox
It's never been easier to shoot a buck. So why are hunters spending billions on high-tech gear?
Tim Heffernan
Steal My Book!
Why I'm abetting a rogue translation of my novel
Peter Mountford
The Court Crasher
Tom Goldstein changed how lawyers get to the Supreme Court--and how news gets out of it.
Stephanie Mencimer
Video: Tom Goldstein talks with Garrett Epps about the history of SCOTUS blog and the future of the Supreme Court.
Sprucing Up Your Cocktail
A lost flavor of the northern woods, rediscovered
Wayne Curtis
Being There
Put down your smartphone--the art of travel demands the end of multitasking.

Robert D. Kaplan
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Prisoners of Cable
Why we can't break free from our TV overlords
Derek Thompson
The Amis Obsession
How Martin Amis expanded the possibilities of English prose--including my own

James Parker
Video: A 2010 conversation between Martin Amis and his close friend Christopher Hitchens
Busy and Busier
Productivity expert David Allen talks with James Fallows about the future of getting things done.
James Fallows
The End of Jazz
How America's most vibrant music became a relic
Benjamin Schwarz
Video: Benjamin Schwarz shares some of the greatest recordings in jazz history.
Slaughterhouse Rules
A professor spends a season in hell.
B. R. Myers
Cover to Cover
The deeply misanthropic paintings of Caspar David Freidrich; Flannery O'Connor as protagonist
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