Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why the Arabs were so hopeless -Agha H Amin

Why the Arabs  were so hopeless

Agha H Amin

I think 1948 war was entirely avoidable . A PURELY ARAB BLUNDER . 1967 was again an ARAB blunder.

Note that in 1956 the US armtwisted and literally kicked France UK and Israel to give up all territorial gains.

1973 was an arab political victory despite having been militarily nearly defeated. General Shazly of Egypt ascribed Arab failures to qualitative reasons despite having received the best Soviet weaponry.

I have done courses with arab students and taught some at the armor school nowshera and they were really a pathetic lot , quality wise. i once told them that even if they urinated together arabs could drown israel but they were hopeless politically and in military effectiveness.

two of my uncles served as ambassadors in key arab states and observed that arab rulers viewed israel as a great diversion from real issues.

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