Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why is Britain Flirting with Jihadis

Not quite so, my friend. They are not sleeping. They are actively encouraging all these. Jihadis, after all, can be the invisible arm of the UK's foreign policy. For every 7/7, there will be countless outrages in Syria, Libya, India, Pakistan, Afghianstan, Iraq etc. The ration would be 1:100 -- an acceptable and I should add, "optimal" prorated risk. The "1" portion of the ratio here is simply there to demonstrate "we are victims too."

You'd have a better idea of how many British jihadis are involved in Jihad abroad; how many engage in firefights with British and US troops in Afghanistan alone, and Iraq earlier; and how many have been actively nurtured for the ongoing campaign in Syria. 
Posted by Mathew Maavak

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