Monday, October 29, 2012

Yugoslav War as a case of East-West Rivalry

Yugoslav war was the first post 1991 war where Serbs 

were pitched against Bosnians and Croats . NATO which 

by and large carried on the same Nazi philosophy of 

being anti communist and anti Russian , as they say ,AN

 ATLANTIC RIM ALLIANCE pitched against the Semi 

Asiatic large land mass called USSR delivered a lesson 

the Serbs.

Great pleasure was taken by policy makers in seeing

 disintegration of Yugoslavia which was regarded as the

 Zagreb Gap threat in the old NATO philosophy.

Historically the Turks had by a long series of war sowed 

the seeds of hatred in this region.These were exploited

 by the Nazi Germans when they used the Croats against

 Serbs , Bosnian Muslims against partisans and so on.

Islamists specially as centered in the state actors in

 pakistan saudi arabia and turkey also played a most

 negative role. The Serbs were unfairly projected as

 villains why in reality they were trying to preserve a 

basically Serb centered albeit pluralistic mutli ethnic


Bosnia and now Kosovo were clearly cases of East-West

 rivalry where Serbs were punished because they were 

seen as close to Russia and now fatherless because of 

demise of the USSR.

The successors of Tito were pygmies and had none of

 Titos greatness.

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