Sunday, November 4, 2012

If I vote against Obama it would only be because of gun control concerns-As far as foreign policy - he is a Black Bush and I doubt Romney's will be much different

XYZ      - they are all corrupt lying assholes.  Werner sent me the attached. 
If I vote against Obama it would only be because of gun control concerns, his love of queers and considering them married, and his support of abortion.  As far as foreign policy - he is a Black Bush and I doubt Romney's will be much different and maybe worse as he appears to be aligned with the NEOCONS, Zionists and Right-Wing Evangelicals that control the Republican Party that has gone to the right of Genghis Kahn!
The evil is in the Broken System that allows these puppets & Congress to be controlled by Special Interest Groups.  They no longer represent the People of our wonderful country - easily seen from the eroding Middle Class and our young soldiers used as cannon fodder - expendable materials just like an M4. 
Until the System is fixed WE ARE IN GRAVE TROUBLE as is the entire World from our foreign adventures such as: 
  • Term limits for Senators & Congressmen
  • Stop these ridiculous 1.5 year campaigns,
  • A Company is not a person, stop the lobbying - PACs/Super PACs,
  • Like Great Britain have a 3 month campaign and give each candidate a fixed amount of money from the tax payer for his/her campaign,
  • A draft (you either go into the Military or Peace Corps to serve your country - since right now only 1% of the families have kids in the military and care about what we are up to),
  • Congress must declare War as in the Constitution,
  • A Balanced Budget will be required, I don't know much about it - but look at the good parts of the Simpson Bowles Plan
  • Welfare would be temporary and you would be trained for a job and then placed, no money for making babies,
  • Deal real Health Care Issues such as: Tort Reform (malpractice law suits against doctors), the outrageous prices we pay compared to the rest of the world for pharmaceuticals, get control of the healthcare insurance companies that are ripping us off,
  • Bring back the Glass Steagall Act to control the Big Banks from ripping us off,
  • No bailing the Big Banks out for their fuckups - let them break up and get bought up and resurface - that is Capitalism,
  • No more Crony Capitalism - when you leave Congress or the Military - no working for Government contractors for at least 5 years 
  • Control our borders,
  • Temporary work visas for seasonal workers,
  • Take a real close look at H1B visas to see if there really is a shortage of expertise or is this another way of bringing in cheap labor and undercutting the American worker, 
  • No trickle down tax breaks for the rich but tax breaks for their corporations when 75% of their product is "Made in America",
  • Restructure Foreign Aid (an oxymoron) so it is mainly for education, healthcare and food relief (etc.) during emergencies such as droughts, hurricanes
  • Use 75% of Foreign aid money as low interest loans or even grants in high risk environments to encourage our private sector to invest in Developing Countries where they have unique natural resources to have at least some some of the added value of their raw products transformed in the country of origin, but with salaries based upon Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) that is related to the cost of living so as to create a middleclass & deal with environmental issues - no more overseas investments that undercut the American worker for Slave Labor and no Environmental Controls
  • No more arguing over the Second Amendment (Right to Keep & Bear Arms) - it is in our Constitution and that is that - we must follow our Constitution
I am sure there is more but this would be a good start.
Are any of these 2 assholes dealing with these issues??? - I haven't heard them say a word other than broad generalities.  They are puppets on a string, prostitutes to the highest bidders. They stand for everything, but at the same time nothing - great flip floppers!
You think by voting out Obama and putting in Romney that things will change - LAUGHABLE!


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