Saturday, November 3, 2012

Muslims are pre programmed for Jihad

Muslims are pre programmed for Jihad , as the Koran states clearly that Jews and Christians can never be friends of Muslims ?

Agha H Amin

This was a discussion post and posting does not mean endorsement of the idea . The idea was to generate discussion and I think there were brilliant inputs.

Unfortunately some participants were carried away by their emotions and assumed on basis of their own preconceived ideas that I endorse this theme.

I agree that the majority does not suppose extremism.

However a significant minority , who have guns and guts and funds may overtake the majority.

A sizeable silent portion of the populace sympathise with the extremists and this number is increasing.

The NATO idea , based on discussions with various officers who I cannot name , is that the Afghan Taliban are supported by Pakistani military , so the TTP which attacks Pakistani citizens only is a NATO response , through third parties to teach a lesson to Pakistani state duplicity.

This is a complicated picture but one which has to be given serious thought.It took NATO 5 years to realise that General Musharrafs military regime all along had secretly supported the Afghan Taliban .

Recently an ex Pakistani DG ISI on record stated that OBL was provided sanctuary by General Musharraf officially.I am not endorsing this view , nor rejecting it .

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