Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shia Blood is Halal


While this article is about the ongoing pogroms against Indonesian Shia muslims by Takfiri Salafists, there are many stark resemblances to the situation in Pakistan.  For instance, money from Gulf countries that is funnelled to scores of mosques and madrasses in Indonesia has been a primary factor in anti-Shia bigotry and violence against Shias in Indonesia.  Similarly, in Indonesia, authoritarian rule has also encouraged and fostered the growth of Salafist extremists who feel that killing Shia muslims is part of a divine agenda. The surrounding of a Shia village in Indonesia and subsequent massacres is eerily similar to the anti-Shia pogroms against Gilgiti, Pashtun and Hazara Shias by ISI-backed and Gulf funded Taliban and Jihadi militias.

What is different about this situation is that this report is far more honest than much of what is published by Pakistan's main stream media and human rights organization. Barring the last report on Shia Genocide by HRCP and the odd newspaper column, there has been either defeaning silence, obfuscation or outright dishonesty in highlighting this crucial issue. 

If Pakistan's civil society, government, political groups and media can raise their voices about the ill treatment of the Rohingya muslims of Myanmar, why is there no similar outrage on the mass killings of Indonesia's Shia Muslims? I think we all know the answer to this double standard

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