Tuesday, November 6, 2012

US SOFT POWER --$50 Million work on Pakistan Media


Dear All:

GEO, ARY, Dunya, AAJ and others have received $50 million ostensibly to promote the image of US in Pakistan. But, instead, of doing so, these dollars are being spent to demonize Pakistan's institutions, particularly, the Army, which is considered as an enemy. Create circumstances which would precipitate a clash among institutions.  

Some of the anchor persons are provided with junkets to Washington in the hopes that they will serve the good cause (1).

"Voice of America, a radio and TV platform that speaks for the government of the US already has a tie-up with Geo TV and now they have aligned with Express TV as well (2).

Hosts Drink and Dance Party For Pakistani Journalists at Islamabad.flv (3)

Pakistan's foundational principles are in coming days will be challenged. Programs emanating from India on AAG TV will be presented to show that we are the same culture. 


Manzer J.Durrani, Ph.D.

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