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Top Army & Air Force Officers Got Their Loans Written Off By Rauf Klasra

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Top Army & Air Force Officers Got Their Loans Written Off


> By Rauf Klasra


> ISLAMABAD: If you thought that only civilian and

> politicians got billions of rupees worth of loans written

> off from state-owned banks, you thought wrong.


> Records now show that many top military officers got their

> loans written off. This lucky lot included five lieutenant

> generals, two major generals and a battalion of other senior

> uniformed beneficiaries, with some Army (mis)managed

> institutions to boot.


> The Army controlled institutions also got their share from

> the national plunder with the Army Welfare Trust (AWT) got a

> massive loan written off worth Rs 14.49 million from a

> state-owned financial entity, which is now defunct (hardly a

> surprising fate).


> Some of the cases were, however, genuine as their loans

> were written off in accordance with rules.


> According to the official list of loan write-off

> beneficiaries tabled in the National

>  Assembly, Lt General (retd) Ali Kuli Khan and his father

> Lt General Habibullah Khan had their loans written off.

> General Kuli had shot to prominence when he was ignored by

> the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif in favour of Gen

> Musharraf in a bid to succeed General Jehangir Karamat as

> the next COAS.


> The list shows that General Kuli Khan got two loans written

> off from the Allied Bank of Pakistan while he was still

> serving in the Army in the mid 90s. The first loan was of

> Rs1.8 million and second was Rs1.6 million outstanding

> against Janana De Malucho Textile Mills Limited, Kohat owned

> by his father General (retd) Habibullah Khan. General Kuli

> was then one of the directors of the textile mills. After

> the death of General Habib, he became the chief executive of

> this textile unit. General Habib, too, was a beneficiary of

> this loan write off.


> It's a little known fact that Chief of the Army Staff

> General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had once served as

>  the staff officer to General Ali Kuli Khan during his

> stint as Chairman Joint Chiefs of staff in 1998 when

> Jahangir Karamat was the Chief of Army Staff (COAS). General

> Kuli shot to prominence within the ruling political circles

> when he was heard opposing the forced resignation of General

> Kamarat and had indicated to make Nawaz Sharif 'fall in

> line' if he became the next COAS. Later, Gen Kuli Khan had

> denied this charge in an interview with this correspondent.

> But, Ch Nisar Ali Khan had also confirmed to this

> correspondent in an interview that Ali Kuli was not elevated

> to the post of the Army chief precisely for this reason

> after some of his quotes were conveyed to Nawaz Sharif.


> Talking to The News from Peshawar, General (retd) Ali Kuli

> Khan said that he "did not remember" getting any loan

> written off by him during his military service. General Kuli

> said, "There might be some rescheduling of the loans by

> the banks outstanding against the

>  mills." He said only the politicians get loans written

> off by using their clout. Of course, general can dare anyone

> argue with that logic.


> Lt General (retd) K M Azhar, who later became active in

> politics, of Rex Breen Batteries got Rs16 million written

> off by the Agriculture Development Bank. His business

> partners were Misbah Azhar, Sward Azhar, Ahmed Jamal

> Siddiqui, Syed Ijaz Ahmed Hashmi, Mauro Dr Bashir Ahmed.


> Lt General (retd) SA Burkey and Lt General (retd) Safdar

> Butt also figure amongst the happy generals benefiting from

> the state institutions generosity.


> Another prominent name on the list is that of Air

> Marshal (retd) A Rahim Khan.


> Air Marshal (retd) Viqar Azeem also got Rs15

> million written off from Pakistani Kuwait Investment

> Co. Lt General (retd) SA Burkey, Major General

> Zahid Ali Akbar, Brig MM Mahmood, Begum Omar Mahmood, Saeed

> Ahmed also got loans written off.


> Gohar

>  Ayub Khan and brother of General Kuli Khan—Raza

> Kuli Khan also got a loan of Rs7.2 million written off

> against Rehana Woolen Mills. Tariq Ayub Khan, Zahid Ahsan,

> Ahsan Khan were the directors of the mills whose loan was

> written off by the financial institution SAPICO.


> Major General (retd) M Mumtaz from Abbottabad, Lt Colonel

> (retd) Shaukat and Major (retd) Tajuddin Rs1.2 million,

> Major General (retd) Ghaziuddn are also in the list. Major

> General (retd) G Umar also got Rs8.5 million written off

> from the Agriculture Development Bank.


> Lt General (retd) Safdar Butt, Major General (retd)

> Abdullah Malik, Brig (retd) M M Mahmood, Col (retd) M Zafar

> Khan, Mohammad Afzal Khan, Mrs Hamida Farhat also got

> benefits from the UBL. General (retd) Abdullah had resigned

> after the military coup of General Zia and had opposed the

> military take over of July 1977.


> Talking to The News, Brig (retd) Mahmood denied that his

> industrial unit EFF, EFF

>  Industries had got the loan written off. He clarified that

> he had entered into an agreement with the bank but this

> package was never implemented until recently.


> The list also names Brig (retd) M A Baig and Qamar Ahmad,

> BA Siddiqi, Zubair Rashid, Mohammad Sadiq Baig, Riazur

> Rehman, Mrs Mamomnna Khatoon, Mrs Mehr Riaz, Mr Taufiq Ahmed

> Rs 1.09 million (UBL). Lt-Col (retd) Ch M Anis Ahmed, Col

> Atta ullah, Shahid Atta, Mst Qamar un Nisa Rs 2.6 million,

> Irfan Rice Mills of Col (retd) Nazar Hussain Rs 1.6 million,

> Mehr Textile Mills, Chakwal, Col Mohammad Ayub Khan, Ch

> Nisar Ali Khan, Ch Asad Ali Khan, Mrs Sultana Zakia,

> Mohammad Nawaz, Ch Ghulam Ali Khan. Major General (retd)

> Khadim H Raja, Air Marshal (retd) A Rahim Khan, Mrs Sattar

> Azim Khan also got loan written off.


> Mohammad Textile Mills Limited of Air Commodore

> (retd) Amanullah got a loan of Rs95 million written off from

> the UBL. His other business partners were Khurshid

>  Alam, Mohamamd Rafiq, Mrs Bilquis Begum, Tanveer Ahmed,

> Naseer Ahmed, Begum Sultana Fammay Khan, Sobia Fammy Khan.


> Air Vice Marshal (retd) Ata Elahi Sheikh of the

> National Fructose Limited also got Rs43 million written

> off. His business partners were Shakirullah

> Durrani, Mohammad Aslam, Qamaruzaman, Syed Safiullah, Dr

> Mohammad Yousuf, Khan Akbar Majeed and TR Sariq.


> Sairani Cotton Ginning Factory owners Capt (retd) Shahraz

> Latif and his business partners Shahnaz Latif, Ch Mohammad

> Ashraf also got loan written off. Air Marshal (retd)

> A Rashid Sheikh, Air Vice Marshal (retd) S Moinur Rab, Group

> Captain (retd) Mohammad Ismail Khan and Salman Rashid

> of Sky Rooms Limited got Rs 8.4 million loan written

> off. Brig (retd) SM Bakar Naqvi, Mian Ahmed

> Rabbani, Pervez Iftikar Khan, Abdul Aziz, NM Khanzada and

> Major (retd) Afzalul Haq also among the beneficiaries.


> Col (retd) M Yaqoob of Aswan Tentage and

>  Canvas got a huge loan of Rs276 million written off from

> Bankers Equity. His other business partners were Col (retd)

> M Yaqoob, Mohamamd Afzal Chugtai, Mohammad Siddiqi, Haji

> Ghulam Sabir and Idris Ahmed Butt. Farook Pulp of Major

> Nasim A Farooqi, Naeem A Farooqi, Pervez Farooqi, Munir

> Ahmed Khan and Saleem Farooqi got 2.1 million loan written

> off.


> Captain (retd) Shaukat of Locus Enterprises got Rs8.8

> million written off. His business partners were Wiqar Abbas,

> Khalid Khan, Col (retd) M Sadiq Khan, Nabil Hasan, Masoud

> Abbasi and Abdul Razak. Raja Iftikar Kiani of Ms Alliance

> Textile Mills, Jhelum got a wavier of Rs16 million from the

> MCB.


> A Lt-Col, who owned the Meditex Intl got Rs6.322 million

> written off from the HBL. His business partner was Col

> (retd) Bashir Ahmed. Commander Abdul Latif also got Rs 10

> million written off. Shangrila Macropole Inn, Lahore got

> Rs4.3 million loan written off. Brig (retd) Mohammad Aslam

> Khan and Co got Rs4.3

>  million written off. Feroz Sons Textile Mills Mirpur

> owners Col (retd) Munir Hussain, Nasim Farms's and Major

> General (retd) Qazi Nasim Majeed are also among the

> beneficiaries.


> Col (retd) Saleem of Special Iron and Steel Mills Limited,

> Lt General (retd) Habibullah Khan, Brig (retd) M Jan Hahang

> M Khandawala, Raza Kuli Khan, Col (retd) M Sharif Khan,

> Begum Tehmina Habibullah, M I Khurram, M Nazir Khan and IA

> Khurram are also among the beneficiaries.


> Major (retd) Mohamamd Anwar, S Aijaz Ali Shah, S Amjad Ali

> Shah, S Ghulam Qadir, S Aftab Ali Shah, S Ali Gohar Shah, S

> Amin Shah also on the list. Lt-Col (retd) M Jaffar, JH

> Dinshaw Rs 7.2 million, Chemphar Pakistan Limited of Brig

> (retd) Shareef Rahat, Captain (retd) AM Murad and Major

> (retd) Tariq Baig are also among the beneficiaries.






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