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Khalid M Amin, Brigadier General (Retired)




Company Profile

Consultants firm dealing with civil ,electrical,mechanical,chemical engineering and social,environmental, political,security studies and assessments.

Professor of Survey and Astronomy at Military College of Engineering Risalpur.

I graduated from US Army Engineer School Fort Belvoir in 1964.

Served in Military Operations Directorate as principal officer dealing with war plans.

Served as Director General National Highway Board from March 1981 to March 1987.

Looked after operations of Nazir and Company in Libya from 1987 to 1992.

Successfully negotiated Fourth Highway Loan with World Bank.

World Bank Consultant on Highways in Nigeria-1988.

Member Operations National Highway Authority Pakistan from April 1992 to June 1994.

Director General Punjab Highway Authority from November 1994 to January 1997.

Looked after operations of Nazir and Company in Iraq from 1997 to 2004.

Chief Technical Officer of Transoxiana from 2007 May till todate.





Trans Frontier Consultants
January 2009 – Present (4 years 7 months)Pakistan

Civil Engineering Consultants

Chief Technical Officer

May 2007 – Present (6 years 3 months)Pakistan

Consultants firm dealing with civil ,electrical,mechanical,chemical engineering and social,environmental, political,security studies and assessments.

Transoxiana worked with top international firms like SNC Lavalin Canada Fichtner Germany etc

Civil Engineering Arbitrator

Civil Engineering Arbitrator
January 1997 – Present (16 years 7 months)Pakistan

National Highway Authority Versus Hakas Private Limited for Islamabad Murree Expressway Dispute

Sambu Construction Company versus National Highway Authority Pakistan

AM Construction Company Versus Taisei Corporation Japan

Various other civil engineering disputes


Nazir and Company Private Limited
January 1997 – December 2010 (14 years)Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,Iraq,Libya,Senegal

Civil Engineering and Project Management Consultant


Husnain Cotex Limited
April 2008 – June 2009 (1 year 3 months)Pakistan

Civil Engineering and Project Management Advisor

Director General

Punjab Highway Authority
November 1994 – January 1997 (2 years 3 months)Pakistan

Introduced concept of BOOT in building highways in Pakistan.

Conceived Lahore Ring Road project and Faisalabad Pindi Bhattian BOOT project of which the latter was unjustly taken over by Pakistans Federal Government from Punjab Government in 1999.

Lahore Ring Road was to be constructed by private sector but the PPP Government sabotaged the project in 1996 and the project was finally given to National Logistic Cell without bidding by Musharraf regime and later by Punjab provincial government in 2008 at 35 % higher than engineer estimate without any bidding ?

Member Operations

National Highway Authority
April 1992 – June 1994 (2 years 3 months)Pakistan

Supervised all operations of the NHA.

Supervised construction of Lahore Islamabad Motorway


March 1988 – April 1992 (4 years 2 months)Pakistan

Engineering Planning and Management Consultants


Nazir and Company Private Limited
March 1987 – April 1992 (5 years 2 months)Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,Libya,Iraq,Senegal

Civil Engineering advisor for projects in Pakistan,Saudi Arabia,Libya,Iraq,Senegal.

Offered post of Military Advisor to Colonel Qaddafi which I declined to accept

Iraq operations came to an end when President Saddam Hussain without assigning any reason confiscated all our assets in August-December 1990.

Consultant on Highways

World Bank
January 1988 – December 1988 (1 year)Nigeria

Highway supervision of workd bank financed highways in Nigeria

Director General

National Highway Board
March 1981 – March 1987 (6 years 1 month)Pakistan

Construction of National Highways in Pakistan.

Successfully negotiated highway loans with various prime donors like World Bank etc.

Lahore Sahiwal Road

DI Khan Bridge

Khairabad Noswhera Peshawar Road

Peshawar Mardan Road

Introduced concept of BOOT Highways in Pakistan in 1982 which was unfortunately sabotaged by the Secretary General Ghulam Ishaq Khan who later became President of Pakistan.

Negotiated Fourth Highway Loan with World Bank in 1987

Brigadier General

Pakistan Army
June 1955 – March 1986 (30 years 10 months)Pakistan

Independent Field Engineer Company officer

Instructor Survey and Astronomy at Military College of Engineering

Adjutant 4 Engineer Battalion

US Army Engineer School Fort Belvoir 1964

Garrison Engineer Runway Pakistan Airforce Karachi

Command and Staff College-1968

Commanded Engineer Field Company in Neelam Valley

General Staff Officer Grade Two 16 Infantry Division Quetta-1969-October 1971.Planned and supervised the record movement of 16 Infantry Division from Quetta to East Bengal (now Bangladesh) in six days

Commanding Officer 6 Engineer Battalion October 1971 to March 1972.Laid the famous three layer minefield in Shakargarh bulge measuring 120 miles in one months record time

General Staff Officer Grade One Engineer in Chief Directorate General Headquarters

General Staff Officer Grade One (Plans) Military Operations Directorate-1973-1974

Armed Forces War Course-1974-75

Commanding Officer 105 Engineer Battalion -1975-1977

First officer in history of Pakistan Army to be promoted direct brigadier without intervening rank of colonel from the corps of engineers

Commander 4 Corps Engineers 1977 to 1979

Attended and qualified Administrative Staff College 1978

Commander 491 Brigade Group from June 1979 to March 1981


491 Brigade Group
June 1979 – March 1981 (1 year 10 months)Jaglot Farm,Northern Areas Pakistan

Maintenance of Silk Road also known as Karakoram Highway from Havelian to Khunjerab Pass.

Construction of Skardu Road.

Defence of Chinese Border where a Northern Light Infantry under my command was deployed.

Wrote Bridge design book which is standard text book in Corps of Engineers Pakistan Army

Introduced arch bridge in Pakistan using Chinese design

Expert in explosives and controlled blasting

Skills & Expertise

Most endorsed for...
  • 17Logistics
  • 13Negotiation
  • 13Strategic Planning
  • 12Operations Management
  • 11Team Building
  • 10Contract Negotiation
  • 9Business Strategy
  • 9Project Management
  • 8Transportation
  • 8Project Planning
Khalid also knows about...
  • 8Change Management
  • 8Government
  • 8Management Consulting
  • 6Procurement
  • 6New Business Development
  • 6Business Planning
  • 6Business Development
  • 6Management
  • 5Supply Chain Management
  • 4Microsoft Office
  • 4Team Leadership
  • 4Analysis
  • 3Budgets
  • 3Customer Service
  • 3Coaching
  • See 25+ 


Administrative Staff College, Lahore

Project Management
1978 – 1979

National Defence College

Armed Forces War Course
1974 – 1975

Bachelor of War and Defence Studies

Command and Staff College Quetta

Command and Staff College
1968 – 1968

US Army Engineer School Fort Belvoir,Virginia

Military Engineering Basic Course, Military Engineering
1964 – 1964

School of Infantry and Tactics Quetta

Officers Weapons Course, Junior Officer Leadership Course
1955 – 1956

Military College of Engineering Rislapur

Basic Officers Military Engineering Course, Military EngineeringexplosivesminesAlpha
1955 – 1955

Punjab Engineering College Lagore

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Civil EngineeringAlpha
1951 – 1955

Now known as UET Lahore

Gordon College Pindi

Intermediate Degree
1949 – 1951

Dennys High School

1947 – 1949

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